Battlelore Tilesystem Map Editor

Tilesystem is a feature rich but simple to use Map Editor by Shawn Riordan. It allows a user to create, save and load tile-based maps and scenarios.  

Initially aimed at helping people develop scenarios for Doom: The Boardgame by Fantasy Flight Games, TileSystem has been expanded to allow customization. Meaning, if you can generate your own tileset, (a series of .PNG images) then you can create maps using that tileset.

It only runs under Windows due to it's dependence on the Microsoft Foundation Classes.

Installation instructions:
- When you extract the archive, it will automatically create a "Tilesystem" folder wherever you extract it to. 
- Run the tilesystem.exe executable in the Tilesytem folder.

If you already have Tilesystem installed, you can just extract the battlelore.set and battlelore folder into your existing tilesystem folder.

NOTE: I will be updating this archive to also include Battlelore 2nd edition, Battles of Westeros and Memoir '44 since the boards and terrain pieces can be utilized across these games.