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Small Realities™ was a company formed in 1993 to manufacture custom terrain and scenery for wargames, dioramas and architectural models. We were in business until 2001. Unfortunately, many photos of the items made have been lost or misplaced. 

Since then, I have gone back to playing the miniatures game I first started playing in 1984, Battletech. I really love playing with open, hexless terrain and have done a myriad of projects towards that end.

I liked the Small Realities name so much, I've decided to repurpose it for my tabletop gaming ideas and portfolio site. 

Latest News & Updates

2018-09-23 Added the tilesystem editor to the Battlelore 1st edition section.

2018-08-23 Added the now defunct zonegamma.net resources to the Battlelore 1st Edition section.
2018-08-19 Update the Conan map editor to v5.0. Now includes the geomorphic tiles for the Conan RPG from Modiphius.
2017-11-13 Added Razorwings unit for Battlelore 1st Edition.
2017-09-18 Added Mountain Giant unit for Battlelore 1st Edition.
2017-07-18 Added Disqus commenting for most pages. Still in progress for some pages.
2017-07-10 Added Slideshows for Battletech 2017 Photos and Conan boardgame 2017 photos.
2017-05-10 Updated tilesystem english files in Conan downloads to v4.8.1
2017-04-24 Added Pelias unit card and wound marker to Conan downloads. Updated Tilesystem English and Custom files for Conan Scenario Editor.
2017-02-03 Added Slideshows for 2014, 2013 and 2012 to Battletech Photos
2017-01-24 Updated english files for tilesystem for Conan. Updated custom maps / unit tiles file for tilesystem for Conan. Both can be found on the downloads page
2017-01-16 Added 3 more map boards to Conan Downloads
2017-01-14 Added Yogah of Yag overlord unit tile to Conan Downloads
2017-01-10 Added 2 more maps to Conan downloads
2017-01-06 All the photo albums have been replaced with Google Slides. They now function correctly.
2016-10-13 I've rekindled my interest in Battlelore (1st edition) from Days of Wonder/Fantasy Flight Games, and have created some additional units, specialist cards & lore cards.
2016-09-12 I have added a Questions & Feedback form for those who wish to contact me.